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My name is Paul and I am a photographer based in near Cardiff in South Wales.

I have been shooting nightclubs & dance events since March 2009 and have quickly become established locally.

Only 8 months into my shooting career I was made a Pro Spotter for This involves me representing them at various events and have had many photos published by Mixmag from various events.

I later went on to become the official photographer for Bionic Events which is based in Cardiff and travel to larger events to shoot for them, including Westfest, HTID, Escape in the park and the many weekenders and festivals during the summer.

I soon found a passion for portrait photography. There is something nice about knowing that every photo I take has someone attached to it. They all have a story and someone who is proud of it too. Something I don’t feel when shooting landscapes.

I have conducted shoots in studios and on location and enjoy unusual shoots which often involve a theme utilising various locations and quite often some great costumes and outfits.

I am an advanced user of Photoshop and enjoy doing digital artwork as well as design and photo manipulation beyond the usual post processing.

I’m working hard to make sure 2011 is the year I get to do something amazing with my camera. I have had many more publications this year so far and have also been hired to shoot DefQon.1 festival in Belgium at the end of June.

If you like my work please recommend me to a friend. I work purely from word of mouth for advertising rather than spamming people with invites.

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Bionic Events

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